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Getting a New Fridge: Use this Guide for a Great Find

Buying a refrigerator can be one of the major decisions you will make sooner or later.  Today, refrigerators come in different sizes, styles, models, functionality, and designs. A number of them have extras that provide improved function, value, and energy efficiency. If you are looking to purchase a new fridge soon, this guide can help you make the right decision:

What Features to Choose

Below is a list of features that you want to look for in a fridge:

  • Energy Star rating. As refrigerators run continuously, they tend to use more energy than other kitchen appliances. They cannot be unplugged or sit idle. Thus, it is important to choose an energy-efficient refrigerator to save money on your utility bills. A fridge with an Energy Star rating will run at least 20 percent more efficiently than other standards.
  • Freshness technology. You are buying a fridge to keep your food fresh. Thus, you want to look for a fridge with a great freshness technology to avoid wasting money and resources. This feature also protects the interior of your fridge from mold and bacteria.

  • Stainless steel. If you are like other homeowners, you may love the sleek, clean look of a stainless steel finish on your kitchen appliances. If your budget does not allow this kind of finish, think about exploring the more affordable “faux steel” options which look similar to real stainless steel finish.
  • Bins and shelves. The shelves and bins of a fridge that slide out will make your everyday kitchen life a lot easier. With the, you don’t have to stick your head into the freezer to look for a long-lost roast. Consider getting refrigerateur pleine hauteur for optimal storage and accessibility.
  • Water filter. A lot of refrigerator models today come with a built-in filter. This will ensure you cook with and drink water that tastes better and has less harmful agents such as heavy metals and chlorine.

When Shopping for a Fridge

These days, you can shop for a fridge both online and offline. When shopping, make sure you plan ahead so you have time to research and compare your options. You get a sense of the market by using the internet. But, do not dismiss the need to take a hands-on approach in evaluating a product’s desirability and quality. Also, keep in mind that refrigerator manufacturers usually roll out their new models at the start of summer. Thus, shopping for a fridge in late spring will help you score a great price.

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