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Learn Some Golden Rules Before Buying Loose Diamonds from a Wholesaler

There are two ways you can sell anything, either through wholesale or retail. Retail means when you buy something from a store in a specific amount. However, wholesale means that the product is coming directly from the dealer. Consumer goods are bought by retailers from wholesale market in bulk. However, when it comes to wholesale diamond, it is a little different. Diamonds can be bought in bulk from retailer as well.

Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland, Australia and the 3rd densely populated city of Australia. The economy of this city is build through the financial sector, information technology, and public sector. There are other services as well like petroleum refining, paper milling, railways workshops etc. However, one more business that has taken up the entire Australian market is the diamond business. You’ll get around 22 wholesale diamond merchants in Brisbane but, all these merchants are sufficient as they have unlimited options available with them.

Not everyone knows the way to buy diamonds in wholesale. Often people get frauds in their life that provide some diamonds original while other are mixed with metals and minerals. Distinguishing the right kind of diamond is also a task. Therefore, here are few tips that can help you know certain rules to buy wholesale diamond –

  • No matter how many diamonds you buy, all should be provided by the merchant with certification. Certification means that diamonds have undergone many tests and has passed in characteristics and quality.
  • While purchasing diamonds you need to make a decision if you need top quality or compromise on it because of financial crunch. This is because if you want top quality then you should buy small diamonds which are finely cut and higher in price but if you want something which is cheaper then you should opt for bigger diamonds as they don’t have to undergo many cuts and polishing.
  • Buy loose diamonds from a place where you can save time by not only purchasing it but also by setting it. If you buy from one place and get it set in another then it is waste of your money, energy and consumes time.
  • Always remember the 4Cs when you purchase a diamond – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight. Depending on each characteristic, price of every diamond varies.
  • Always seek suggestions from a consultant if you have less knowledge on the 4Cs. Also, when you have no idea about the wholesaler and reliable store approach someone who can assist you with it.

Not all laboratories can give you certification and authentic diamonds. Always go for renowned and trusted laboratories like AGS, IGI, EGL, HRD and GIA.

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